Whatman Multi-Barrier Pouches (Small), GE Healthcare

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Whatman Multi-Barrier Pouches (Small), GE Healthcare
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
Protect samples from exposure to gas or liquid contamination through seven layers of lamination

Maintain sample security by tamper-evident seal
Outer paper surface for labeling or writing
9.5 × 7.5 cm design to accommodate FTA Mini Cards, FTA Micro Cards, or FTA Elute Micro Cards

Same construction as the large Multi-Barrier pouches in a smaller size for storage of FTA Mini Cards or FTA Micro Cards or FTA Elute Micro Cards or other smaller FTA cards. Maximize the integrity of samples during transport and storage by placing FTA Cards in this multi-barrier pouch. Seven layers of lamination protect your sample from gases and liquids, while the tamper-evident seal provides sample security.

FTA® purification reagent can be used for purification of nucleic acids stored on FTA® cards. The reagent ensures superior quality DNA for PCR or SNP analusis. It will remove heam, PCR inhibitors and other potential contaminants.