Self-Adhesive Storage Film and Foil, Eppendorf®

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Self-Adhesive Storage Film and Foil, Eppendorf®
Seals Microplate Seals
Storage film and foil feature a high-strength adhesive that forms tight seals to minimize sample evaporation. These adhesive seals are easy to apply and do not reduce the well volume. Films and foils can be manually applied without the need for additional equipment. Both the film and foil are suitable for use within a temperature range of –20 to 120°C (–4 to 248°F).

Storage seals are available in two formats, film and foil.

Applications include incubation and storage, colorimetric ELISA, fluorescence and luminescence experiments, sample processing and cell cultures, and for PCR and qPCR amplification.

The transparent film allows users to view the samples, and provides good protection from accidental piercing. The aluminum foil offers slightly better evaporation protection than plastic films, particularly during long-term storage. Foil is also easily pierceable with single or multichannel pipettors and robotic tips for easy sample recovery. Foil also provides protection for light sensitive samples.