Whatman Cellulose Chromatography Papers, GE Healthcare

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Whatman Cellulose Chromatography Papers, GE Healthcare
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Pure cellulose produced entirely from the highest quality cotton linters with no additives of any kind.

  • Pure cellulose produced from the highest quality cotton linters, with no additives, ensures that no contamination will occur during the transfer steps
  • Manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques to ensure the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that is important in obtaining clean and even transfers during blotting

Whatman chromatography papers are widely used across the world, reflecting their purity, high quality and consistency. They are made from specially selected cotton cellulose and rigorously quality controlled to ensure uniformity within the grade. Also widely used in protein and nucleic acid blotting. Manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques. This ensures the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that are important in chemical separations.

Grade 3 Chr: A medium thickness paper. For general applications with medium/heavy solute loadings. Frequently used for separation of inorganic compounds and for electrophoresis.
Grade 4 Chr: Fastest of the thin papers. Recommended for routine and/or repetitive chromatography when loadings are relatively low. Smooth surface. Very suitable where speed is important and very high resolution is not required.

Grade 20 Chr: For maximum resolution, this grade is supreme giving the greatest possible separation of closely related compounds. Smooth surface. Recommended for separation of samples of unknown composition, with outstanding resolution at low loadings.
Grade 31ET Chr: Extremely fast. Flow rate is the highest of all chromatography papers in the Whatman range. Thick paper with fairly soft surface. Principal application is in electrophoresis of large molecules.
Grade 54 SFC: Thin hardened paper with high speed and fair to good resolution. Recommended for routine chromatography. High wet strength.

Grade 2668 Chr: For separation of relatively large molecules by electrophoresis.
Grade 2727 Chr: For separation of very large amounts of substance.

Ordering information: This data shown may be based on historic Whatman records. As is normal practice, customers should determine and validate for themselves (as necessary) that the products are suitable for their specific application.