ThermoMixer™ C, Eppendorf®

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ThermoMixer™ C, Eppendorf®
Shakers and Mixers Shaking Incubators
The Eppendorf® thermomixer™ C improves assay results by mixing and incubating samples at the same time

Units allow heating, mixing, and cooling in all common vessel and plate formats from 5μL to 50mL, with high-speed mixing up to 3,000rpm (depending on the SmartBlock™ used) for fast mixing, even in 384-well plates. Excellent mixing performance is due to unique 2DMix-Control technology. The optional ThermoTop lid reliably prevents condensate formation. Simple and intuitive operation is performed via pre-defined program keys and a clearly arranged menu. Units also offer versatile program functions, the ability to save up to twenty user-defined programs, and a two-second block exchange thanks to the SmartBlock™ quick release system. The ergonomic design and optimized features are engineered in accordance with the PhysioCare Concept.

The ThermoMixer™ C accepts quick and easy-to-exchange SmartBlocks™ for all common lab vessels, along with new and improved program functions and a high level of stability for every mixing frequency.

Ordering information: SmartBlocks™ are not included with the ThermoMixer™ C unit. They must be ordered separately.