Top Buret, digital burettes, Eppendorf

Top Buret
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Top Buret, digital burettes, Eppendorf
  • Continuous dispensing from 0.01 to 999.9 mL by rotating the wheels: In increments of 2.5 ml per complete rotation for the Top Buret M model and 5 mL per rotation for the Top Buret H model
  • Safety valve for priming without loss of reagent
  • Discharge tube can be rotated through 360° and adjusted vertically (10 - 200 mm) and horizontally (142 - 220 mm)
  • Connection for dry tube - available as option
  • Power supplied by long-life batteries with charging display

For safe, simple, accurate and continuous titration.

Ordering information: Supplied with safety valve, telescopic filling tube (210 - 370 mm), adjustable discharge tube, three adapters for 32/38/40 mm diameter bottle threads, two micro batteries and a certificate of quality.