Advansta Background Quenching Sheets

Advansta Background Quenching Sheets
Blotting Paper
Use Advansta's Background Quenching Sheets to obtain the best images of chemiluminescent Western blots and fluorescent blots and gels

Sheets are compatible with chemiluminescent and fluroescent Western blots, as well as gels stained with DNA and protein stains including SYBR green, SYBR Gold, ethidium bromide, SYPRO® Orange, SYPRO Ruby and more. Improve signal to noise ratios. Simply place the sheet under the blot or gel while imaging.

For Chemiluminescence. Placed under chemiluminescent blots during CCD imaging, the Background Quenching Sheets eliminate noise that can occur with plastic wrap. Stray light entering the imaging system, or emitted from extremely bright bands, can reflect off of the plastic wrap, increasing background that becomes especially apparent during long exposures. Capture better images by removing background fluorescence and stray light from the environment.