MS 3 Digital Vortex Mixers, IKA® Works

MS 3 Digital Vortex Mixers, IKA® Works
Shakers and Mixers Vortex Mixers
Compact, universal small shaker suitable for shaking tasks with all small vessels and microtiter plates.

  • Wide range of attachment with detection
  • Timer with countdown function
  • Continuous or touch operation
  • Units are stable in all speed ranges and features sturdy zinc die cast casing

Two operating modes, In Mode A (safe mode with attachment detection), the maximum speed of 3000 rpm is only reached with the standard attachment in touch mode. When using other attachments the speed is limited to 1300 rpm. In Mode B (without attachment detection) a speed of 3000 rpm is possible with all attachments.

Certifications: Units meet IP 21 protection class according to DIN EN 60529.