Speedy-Foil™, Diversified Biotech

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Speedy-Foil™, Diversified Biotech
Aluminum Foil
Speedy-Foil is a time saving product that eliminates the practice of trimming pieces from over-sized rolls.

  • Squares are pre-cut to fit common laboratory container openings
  • Unrolling and sizing standard aluminum foil requires scissors, contaminates foil surfaces and creates waste
  • Speedy-Foil™ is 1 mil thick for a sharp, crisp dead-fold providing a tighter fitting covering
  • Each virgin aluminum foil square is interleaved for physical separation and meets FDA requirements for direct contact with pharmaceuticals; RNase and DNase free
  • Multiple sizes available to fit a wide range of laboratory containers

Each size ships in its own ideally sized dispensing box that ensures squares remain crisp and flat.