Eppendorf® epTIPS®, Biopur® Tips

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Eppendorf® epTIPS®, Biopur® Tips
Pipet Tips
For highest purity demands in cell culture, nucleic acid analytics, or hygiene monitoring.

  • Free of DNase and RNase
  • Free from ATP, pyrogen, and PCR inhibitors
  • Continuous quality control of each batch by an independent laboratory

For epTIPS®, the original Eppendorf "Totally Integrated Pipetting System", the tips are optimally coordinated to Eppendorf pipettors and meet EN ISO 8655 requirements. This has resulted in minimal attachment and ejection forces with the highest level of tightness. epTIPS® can be used with pipettors from other manufacturers, as well. Optimal wetting properties, high transparency, and ergonomically optimized cone geometry are a testament of the commitment to both product and production quality.

Biopur® tips meet the highest demands of the clinical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and other industries. The purity is ensured by an elaborate, automated manufacturing process which safeguards the product against contamination with biological substances. Lot sepcific certificates provided by an external accredited laboratory confirm compliance with the following criteria: sterile, DNase-, RNase-, PCR inhibitor-, ATP-, Pyrogen-, human DNA- and bacterial DNA-free. These certificates are available upon request.

Packaging: Available as epTIPS® Singles (packaged individually) or as epTIPS® Racks (boxes containing racks of 96, 48, or 24 tips; depending on tip volume).