5.0 mL Screw Cap Tubes

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5.0 mL Screw Cap Tubes
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These 5.0mL tubes take all of the conveniences of standard 1.5mL tubes and scales them up for larger volume and throughput

The 16mm tube diameter is identical to the diameter of standard 15mL tubes, which ensures further compatibility with centrifuge rotors, etc. In many applications, these tubes have replaced 15mL tubes, dramatically reducing plastic waste, storage space, and shipping costs. The potential contamination of pipettor shafts is greatly reduced because the 56mm total tube length (vs. 120mm for standard 15mL tubes) is short enough for standard 1mL or 5mL tips to reach the tube's conical bottom.

These tubes are made of maximum clarity, low-binding virgin polypropylene and are certified Rnase- and Dnase-free. Sterile tubes are also pyrogen free.

These screw cap tubes are supplied with 20mm O.D. caps that seal smoothly and completely with a single 360° turn. Useful from –86 to 110°C, they are a valuable resource for boiling and for sample preservation at very low temperatures. Choose from nonsterile bulk packaging with separate caps, or gamma sterilized rack packaging. The foam racks are similar to the packaging normally associated with 15mL tubes (upright with caps attached), but they require approximately 60% less storage space.