PYREX® Volumetric Pipets, Class A, Serialized, Corning®

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PYREX® Volumetric Pipets, Class A, Serialized, Corning®
Pipets Graduated Pipets
These PYREX® Volumetric Pipets are calibrated to Class A tolerances in accordance with ASTM E-542 and ASTM E-969

PYREX® Serialized/Certified Volumetric Glassware is now tested and calibrated in an ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory.

Each pipet is individually serialized and supplied with a Certificate of Identification and Capacity, traceable to NIST standards. These precision PYREX® volumetric pipets are manufactured and calibrated "To Contain" (TC: bottom line) and "To Deliver" (TD: top line) to specifications for Class A volumetric ware. Color-coded markings are enameled onto the glass.