Advansta Buffer Pouches, Tris-Glycine PAGE

Advansta Buffer Pouches, Tris-Glycine PAGE
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Convenient, pure, fast buffer preparation

  • Quality- Molecular biology-grade buffers of highest purity
  • Convenient- Pre-measured powder in sealed pouches
  • Fast- Dissolve and use right away
  • Standardized- Guaranteed reproducible results for your electrophoresis gels and Western blots

Advansta's Avant buffer pouches are perfect for standardizing your electrophoresis and Western blotting applications. Dissolve a pouch of pre-messured molecular biology-grade chemicals in 500 mL of deionized water to obtain a ready-to-use 1X buffer without any further preparation. Save precious time in the laboratory and generate reproducible results with Avant buffers.