Super Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Hot Plate Stirrer, Thermo Scientific

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Super Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Hot Plate Stirrer, Thermo Scientific
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The Super Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Hot Plate Stirrer offers four independently controlled stirring positions on one heated, ceramic top. Ideal for life science and biotechnology applications.

  • Single control knob controls heat and speed
  • Low-temperature adjustment
  • Lock feature prevents accidental changes
  • Ceramic tops clean easily, resist chemicals and provide fast boiling time
  • Digital display for temperature or rpm
  • Four user-defined temperature/speed memory keys recall settings

The Hot Plate Stirrer's microprocessor control ensures accurate and stable setpoints for temperature and stirring speed

The unit's powerful motor and magnetic system prevent magnetic decoupling. Stir Trac™ breaking feature brings stir bar to an immediate stop for quick false removal and prevents runaway or decoupled stir bars. The RS-232 port allows output of time count, temperature setpoint, top surface/remote probe temperature, stirring setpoint and actual speed.

Stirrer is designed for labs with multiple users that require high-volume processing with unmatched performance, safety and controls. Rugged, low-profile, cast aluminum body provides stability and durability and protects internal components from accidental spills. A walk-away timer shuts off heating, stirring or both after a preset user-defined interval.

Calibration mode allows the remote probe to be calibrated to external standards; probe can be programmed as a system. An adjustable overprotection circuit limits top plate temperature and prevents runaway conditions. Suitable for use in 0 to 27°C, 80% relative humidity, noncondensing environments.

Delivery information: Includes detachable line cord and plug 6" Type K probe stir bar.