Precision™ High-Performance Ovens, Thermo Scientific

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Precision™ High-Performance Ovens, Thermo Scientific
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Conduct drying applications requiring high temperatures, ultra-precise temperature control and a very broad temperature range of ambient +15° to 325°C stability with Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ High-Performance Ovens.

  • Bright LED display
  • All stainless-steel interior
  • Stainless-steel exterior door with fiberglass gasket for secure, tight seal prevents heat loss
  • Highly responsive RTD sensor provides temperature sensitivity of ±0.1°C or better
  • Low-density heating elements ensure long life
  • Turbo blowers for efficient drying are side-mounted within stainless-steel chamber

These ovens feature high-quality construction and high-efficiency insulation, providing temperature uniformity as precise as ±0.5°C with excellent stability and air exchange within the chamber. The built-in 12-hour mechanical timer along with user-adjustable safety thermostat allows for power cut-out in case of over temperature. Nontip shelves spaced 4cm (1.6") apart quickly, easily remove for thorough cleaning.

Certifications: ASTM E145 Type IIA, ASTM D-2436, and UL 746B performance/uniformity standards. UL listed.