Handheld Refractometers, VEE GEE® X-series

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Handheld Refractometers, VEE GEE® X-series
Refractometers Handheld Refractometers
These VEE GEE® X-Series Handheld Refractometers are simple to operate and provide quick, accurate measurements for the concentration of nearly any aqueous solution

  • Durable industrial grade design
  • patented, zero-ring requires no calibration tools

The prism is mounted in an all-metal housing which allows the sample and prism to reach temperature equilibrium quickly. Also feature non-roll stands to ensure that once the units are placed on a table or bench top, they won't be prone to roll off the surface.

Operation consists of placing 1 or 2 drops of sample on the prism, closing the daylight plate over the sample, then looking through the focusable, cushioned-rubber eyepiece for the readings.

Delivery information: Supplied with Carry Case (1 each), Plastic Transfer Pipet (1 each), Instruction Manual (1 each).