Electroporator Cuvettes, Lee Plastic Company

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Electroporator Cuvettes, Lee Plastic Company
Cuvettes Electroporation Cuvettes
Use for electroporation of bacteria, yeast, or mammalian cells.

  • Uniform gap sizes
  • Use the 1 mm gap width for bacteria
  • Use the 2 mm gap width for yeast
  • Use the 4 mm gap width for mammalian cells
  • Individually wrapped and gamma irradiated for sterility
  • High efficiency nucleic acid delivery
  • Carefully constructed with burr-free, specially processed electrodes and virgin polycarbonate

Manufactured to tight tolerences for optimum performance. Our electroporation cuvettes are direct replacements for Bio-Rad® BTX®, Eppendorf, and Kodak®/IBI® cuvettes.