ECO Funnels, CP Lab Safety

Supplier: CP Lab Safety

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ECO Funnels, CP Lab Safety
Funnels Safety Funnels
ECO Funnel® is the ultimate lab safety product for collection of hazardous liquid waste. When securely attached onto an open waste container, it prevents 99.9 % of toxic fumes from being released into lab. ECO Funnel is designed to prevent fires caused by ignited vapors as well as spills of hazardous waste from open containers, which helps laboratories stay compliant with local health and safety codes.

  • Latching lid with gasket to keep fumes contained
  • Removable large particle filter catches stir bars or other items
  • Detachable tube extends into waste container to minimize chemical evaporation

The larger 8" version of ECO Funnel includes an additional safety feature to prevent over-filling; a secondary air-lock tube creates a small air gap in your waste container, which causes fluid to back up temporarily into the funnel when the container is full. After the screw cap adapter is loosened, the remaining fluid will safely flow into the container and not spill.

Ordering information: ECO Funnels can be ordered individually or as a complete system. Systems include an ECO Funnel and corresponding waste container. Some systems also include a secondary container option for maximum safety and compliance.