EZ Grip Tissue Culture Nosepiece, Drummond

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EZ Grip Tissue Culture Nosepiece, Drummond
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The Drummond EZ grip tissue culture nosepiece eliminates the possibility of cross contamination due to over pipetting.

  • Self-Locking Action of Hydrophilic Layer Prevents Further Pipetting with Contaminated Filter
  • Double-Membrane Filter
  • All Required Parts Included
  • Four Filters Provided
  • Particles as Small as 0.1 μm Blocked

It incorporates a dual-hydrophilic 0.8 μm, hydrophobic 0.8 μm filter, which prevents further use once contaminated by fluid

Each kit contains all necessary parts including four filters.

This double membrane filter provides a barrier to particles as small as 0.1 μm.

Accessories information: Extra filters may be ordered separately.

Ordering information: The EZ Grip Tissue Culture Nosepiece is for use on Pipet-Aid XP, XL, and Hoodmate only.