Disposable Culture Tubes, Simport Scientific

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Disposable Culture Tubes, Simport Scientific
Tubes Culture Tubes
These culture tubes are ideal for use in bacteriology, RIA, coagulation, and other routine laboratory procedures.

Polypropylene tubes are translucent and will withstand an RCF of over 3000xg during centrifugation

Polystyrene tubes are transparent and will withstand centrifugation speeds up to 1400xg. Clear plastic guarantees no danger of glass activation during testing. They also tolerate aqueous solutions, mild bases, and weak acids, but not organic solvents, aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Polystyrene tubes cannot be autoclaved.

Precision molding with virgin thermoplastics ensures that tubes are uniform in size and shape, chemically clean, and ready to use.

They will also accept most common acids, solvents, and alkalies at room temperature. They are almost unbreakable and can be sterilized at 120°C.