Drosophila Refrigerated Peltier Incubator, SHEL LAB

Drosophila Refrigerated Peltier Incubator, SHEL LAB
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Using innovative peltier cooling technology, drosphila incubators offer a 78% reduction in energy consumption over traditional compressor based refrigerated incubators.

  • Robust design
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Over-temperature thermostat and alarm

These incubators are equipped with LED Lighting and Day/Night Controls to create ideal conditions for fruit flies

Independent over-temperature thermostat and alarm.

The robust cabinet design includes a mechanical convection system to provide improved temperature uniformity, digital temperature controller with display, and over temperature limit control. The compressor-free design creates a whisper-quiet operation.

Certifications: TUV, CE, UL, CSA.

Ordering information: Three-year parts and labor warranty (domestic).