UVP Chromato-Vue® Viewing Cabinets, Analytik Jena

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UVP Chromato-Vue® Viewing Cabinets, Analytik Jena
Lights UV Viewing Cabinets
UVP Chromato-Vue Viewing Cabinets provide a darkroom environment for viewing materials, non-destructive testing (NDT), inspection, quality control and chromatography applications. All models include an integrated, contrast control filter to protect the eyes from harmful shortwave radiation and blocks the 'blue haze' associated with longwave UV. Viewport has adequate space for eyeglasses. A lightweight access curtain allows for easy entry and blocks out external light. A variety of cabinets are available to choose from.

C-75, C70 and C71, models are designed for the highest performance and largest size

Mini vewing cabinets (C-10 and C-15G) feature the smallest format and are customized for viewing small minerals and educational uses in chromatography applications.

Model C-10 viewing cabinet requires a separate UV lamp. This model is designed for use with UVP EL Series Lamps and is available in a 4 W or 6 W format. Choose from Model UVGL-58 (see below) or Models UVGL-15 or UVGL-25 (see 36582-040 series). Lamps are rechargeable for use and can be used separately from the cabinet.

Model C-15G cabinets are self-contained, 6 W illumination systems, which combine a Model C-10 cabinet with a Model UVGL-58 lamp. Model UVGL-58 is a multi-band, hand-held, shortwave/longwave lamp.

These are designed for fluorescent samples in a fully lit environment. High-intensity 15 W tubes with 254, 365 nm UV, brilliantly illuminates TLC plates, EB/DNA sequencing, or fluorescent material.

Certifications: CSA certified. CE compliant.

Ordering information: Contact Analytik Jena US for accessories and replacement parts.