Disposable Syringes, MicroLiter

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences (KIMBLE)

F5-A1 F5-AL20 F5-AL5 F5-A3 F5-A50 F5-AL50 F5-A5 F5-A30 F5-AL3 F5-A10 F5-AL30 F5-A20 F5-AL10
97048-639PK 51.32 USD
97048-639 97048-654 97048-660 97048-644 97048-650 97048-662 97048-648 97048-646 97048-656 97048-641 97048-658 97048-642 97048-652
Disposable Syringes, MicroLiter
Syringes Syringes for Chromatography
MicroLiter's syringes feature polypropylene housings that are solvent-resistant and clearly marked for media and pore size.

Ordering information: Glass fiber prefilters and syringe filters are available in a variety of media types and pore sizes.