Infinite® M200 PRO Multimode Microplate Reader, Tecan

Infinite® M200 PRO Multimode Microplate Reader, Tecan
Microplate Readers
The Infinite M200 provides a full range of leading detection methods. The Quad4 Monochromators of the Infinite M200 PRO provides exceptional sensitivity, and allows to select any wavelength from UV to NIR, and to perform absorbance, excitation and emission scans.

  • Fluorescence intensity top reading including TRF, with automated z-adjustment
  • Enhanced fluorescence intensity bottom reading with OR (Optimal Read) function
  • Extended emission wavelength ranges from 330 to 600 nm to 280 to 850 nm

It offers several detection modes for sample measurements in 6 to 384 well plates, PCR plates or cuvettes. The Infinite M200 PRO can be used for a wide range of biological assays and measurements including Protein, DNA/RNA quantification, ion channel and flux studies, ELISA and various assays.