Combi-Box™ and Combi-Rack™ Storage Racks, Simport Scientific

Combi-box™ Combi-rack™
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Combi-Box™ and Combi-Rack™ Storage Racks, Simport Scientific
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Multipurpose storage box and workstation in a 96-well format.

  • Transparent cover for easy viewing of contents
  • Boxes are stackable for space-saving convenience
  • Plate can easily be inserted and removed
  • Will accept any PCR plate
  • Alphanumeric identification of each position
  • Can accept single tubes, strips, and plates up to 96 wells

The Combi-Box™ can be used not only as a storage rack but also as a workstation. The white base will accept all 96- and 384-well plates, and an easy to remove transparent cover allows easy viewing of contents. Being only 40 mm high, the stackable Combi-Box™ saves space on the lab bench and on refrigerator or freezer shelves.

The Combi-Rack™ is an innovative support that can hold up to 96 PCR tubes or 12 strips of 8 tubes with caps. Each is identified with an alphanumeric numbering system for arranging tubes. The grid stands on 4 legs and can be placed on a lab counter or in a refrigerator or freezer shelf. Made of polypropylene, it can easily withstand temperatures from –80 to 121 °C. It is also ideal for carrying and storing, freezing and transporting reagents and specimens.

For storage, simply place the Combi-Rack™ in the Combi-Box™ and attach the cover.