Rochester-Ochsner Hemostatic Forceps, Sklar

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Rochester-Ochsner Hemostatic Forceps, Sklar
Rochester-Oschner (Kocher) Forceps are a heavy instrument designed to aggressively grasp medium to heavy tissue or occlude heavy, dense vessels.

  • Autoclavable
  • Available either curved or straight, in multiple lengths
  • Forceps have horizontal serrations the entire length of the jaw
  • Serrations plus teeth ensure a firm grip on the tissue or vessel

These forceps are sometimes referred to as simply Oschner Forceps, however, Rochester-Oschner Forceps are actually heavier than standard Oschner Forceps.

Censitrac Ready OR Grade Rochester-Ochsner Forceps are industry standard and constructed of stainless steel.

Ordering information: Censitrac instruments are custom barcoded to reflect the facility. This is unique customization. The initial order for the facility can take 14 to 30 days, subsequent orders can take less time.

Caution: Customers must have a Censitrac Site ID to purchase Censitrac instruments.