Nalgene® CryoBox™ Boxes, Polycarbonate, Thermo Scientific

Nalgene® Cryobox™
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Nalgene® CryoBox™ Boxes, Polycarbonate, Thermo Scientific
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For ultra-low temperature storage of both internally and externally threaded cryogenic vials

Durable, economical alternative to flimsy cardboard or expensive stainless steel storage boxes. Polycarbonate has usable temperature of –196 to 121°C. Numerical grid system features molded-in numbers on box and corresponding numbers printed in blue on lid. Clear lids are keyed in one position so grids always match. Boxes accept writing with markers designed for ultra-low temperatures. Fits the Thermolyne® Locator® Cryobiological Storage Vessels.

Ideal for use in mechanical and liquid-nitrogen freezers. Unique 5x5 array for 1.2 and 2.0mL vials creates a small, space-efficient storage system within a large mechanical freezer. Economical 9x9 array for 1.2, 2.0, and 5.0mL vials. Boxes fit stainless steel racks.