Corning® Polystyrene Tissue Culture Flasks, Sterile

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29186-002 89090-948 29186-024 29186-160 29186-199 29560-969 29186-192
Corning® Polystyrene Tissue Culture Flasks, Sterile
Flasks Cell Culture Flasks
Designed and treated for optimal cell attachment and growth

  • Certified nonpyrogenic
  • The lot number is printed on all flasks for traceability
  • Canted models have a skirt to prevent tipping

Flasks 29442-028 and 29442-020 are triangular in shape for increased stability and pipet access. All other flasks are either standard rectangular or U-shaped.

The original plug-seal polyethylene cap can be used in both open and closed systems. Phenolic-style polyethylene caps are designed for open gas exchange applications.