CELLCOAT® Protein Coated Flasks, Greiner Bio-One

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CELLCOAT® Protein Coated Flasks, Greiner Bio-One
Flasks Cell Culture Flasks
These convenient, ready-to-use tissue culture flasks are coated with extra-cellular matrix proteins (ECM) or synthetic peptides.

  • High-profile design
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • Free of RNase and DNase
  • Convenient and ready to use

Coating provides an inert scaffolding that helps regulate cell growth and proliferation. It simulates the cells' natural environment, which facilitates adherence, differentiation, proliferation, and longevity in many cell types. Flasks also feature a canted neck, plug seal, "Best Before" date, and a lot number on each pack. Flasks are nonpyrogenic and DNase- and RNase-free. All 650 mL flasks feature a high profile design.