PYREXPLUS® Media Bottles, Graduated, Corning®

Supplier: CORNING

61626-2L 61626-100 61626-250 61626-500 61626-1L
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PYREXPLUS® Media Bottles, Graduated, Corning®
Bottles Cell Culture Bottles
Heavy-duty round bottles can be used for storage, as well as for mixing and sampling

Caution: Do not tighten caps immediately after autoclaving as the vacuum resulting from cooling can cause breakage. Do not place bottles over direct heat or flame. Do not heat above 121°C (249°F) moist heat or 110°C (230°F) dry heat.

Protective PVC coating helps prevent glass from shattering and reduces spills. Bottles have teal enamel graduations and a marking spot. They also feature a glass bead that indicates full capacity line. Resistant to thermal shock. Autoclavable to 121°C (249°F). Thread size: GL45.

Ordering information: Each bottle is supplied with one-piece polypropylene green plug-seal cap and a drip-free pouring ring. For replacement caps and pouring rings, see 16157-071 series.