CellBIND® Flasks, Sterile, Corning®

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CellBIND® Flasks, Sterile, Corning®
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CellBIND® surface treatment improves cell attachment by incorporating more oxygen into the cell culture surface, rendering it more hydrophilic and increasing surface stability

Manufactured from optically clear polystyrene, all flasks undergo rigorous QC testing for consistency and reproducibility. Standard flasks are available with or without bar coding for use in automated systems.

RoboFlask™ vessels are specifically formatted to a standard microplate footprint for use in automated cell maintenance and assay systems. All flasks are sterilized by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic.

CellBIND® surfaces are nonbiological and require no special handling or storage.

Caution: This product is not intended to mitigate the presence of microorganisms on surfaces or in the environment, where such organisms can be deleterious to humans or the environment.