Eppendorf® PCR-Cooler

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Eppendorf® PCR-Cooler
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More convenient and reliable than an ice bath, PCR-Cooler is ideal for preparing PCR reactions

Maintains a sample temperature of 0°C (32°F) for over one hour, if first pre-cooled at –20°C (–4°F) for two hours. Individual 0.2mL wells will change color when their temperature exceeds 7°C (45°F). Space-saving PCR-Cooler is easy to handle, and reduces the risk of contamination. Cone contour prevents samples from freezing. Cooler can accommodate individual tubes, tubes in a rack, tube strips, or a 96-well plate. Ideal for safely stopping reactions, and storing, transporting, and protecting sensitive samples. Available in violet changing to pink and dark blue changing to light blue.