KIMAX® Milk Dilution Bottles, Kimble Chase

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences (KIMBLE)

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KIMAX® Milk Dilution Bottles, Kimble Chase
Bottles Dilution Bottles
These KIMAX®-35 bottles are manufactured from USP Type 1 borosilicate molded glassare and are designed from the requirements for milk dilution bottles given in the “Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products,” published by the American Public Health Association.

  • Autoclavable to 121°C without preconditioning
  • Black phenolic screw cap, supplied unattached, has a cemented-in rubber liner and is suitable for autoclaving
  • Bottles have a square cross-section

Ordering information: Includes black phenolic screw cap with cemented-in rubber liner. Bottle available with or without graduation mark.