Multipurpose Trays, Chemical-Resistant, MFG

Supplier: MFG Tray

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46600-548CS 481.72 USD
89177-114 46600-542 46600-546 46600-548 46600-544
Multipurpose Trays, Chemical-Resistant, MFG
Trays/Dishes/Pots Laboratory Trays/Dishes
MFG Tray conveyor and assembly trays feature a low-profile design and radial edges to readily accommodate conveyor transport and assembly operations in a wide variety of applications

Trays are designed for component assembly and for compatability with conveyors or cart transport systems.

Ordering Information: Trays are supplied in a carton of 12.

Four distinct corner profiles are available to integrate with rack systems and conveyors, or for nesting or stacking capabilities. Their dimensional stability and light weight ensure easy transporting and handling.