Bel-Art Lab-Aire® II Non-Electric Benchtop Glassware Dryers, SCIENCEWARE®

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Bel-Art Lab-Aire® II Non-Electric Benchtop Glassware Dryers, SCIENCEWARE®
Racks Draining Racks
Laboratory space is always in high demand making the small footprint of the Scienceware® Lab-Aire® II Drying Racks a practical solution for drying and storing fragile, frequently used labware.

  • Rugged ABS plastic construction
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Scalloped wells hold long, thin labware

Lab-Aire II Non-Electric Benchtop Dryers lets you place your dryer wherever it will be most convenient.

Rugged ABS plastic will never corrode and easily wipes clean and the drip/storage trays have scalloped wells to hold long, thin labware. Small (3"), medium (4") and large (5") pegs can be moved and repositioned to hold a variety of labware including beakers, flasks, bottles, test tubes and cylinders.

Choose a single-sided model to fit nicely against a wall for economy of space or double your capacity with a minimal increase in footprint with a double-sided model. A sturdy base provides excellent balance and support. Extra accessories and a variety of different sizes/configurations let you create a drying system that works for you.

Ordering information: Extra accessory pegs are available to create a fully customizable drying system. Pegs measuring 3" (89050-352), 4" (89050-354), and 5" (89050-356) are available separately.