Pipet Aid® Portable Pipetting Device, Drummond Scientific

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Pipet Aid® Portable Pipetting Device, Drummond Scientific
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This lightweight, battery-powered pipet controller accepts plastic or glass pipets from one to 100 mL.

  • Pipet Device Works 2000 Times without Recharging
  • Flow Rate Better than 25 mL at Five Seconds with 100 mL Pipet
  • Cordless and Portable Pipet Controller
  • Filtered, Failsafe Pipet Nosepiece
  • Holster Wall Bracket Provided

With a rechargeable NiMH battery built into its handle, the Portable Pipet Aid can be used continuously for eight hours, pipetting over 2000 times without recharging

The media dispenser features a locking tissue culture filter that helps eliminate cross contamination due to over pipetting. The nosepiece incorporates a dual hydrophilic/hydrophobic 0.8 µm filter, which provides a barrier to 0.1 µm particles and prevents further use once contaminated by fluid. Work can be resumed soon after the simple filter replacement and nosepiece decontamination.

The battery charges overnight.

Accessories information: The tissue culture nosepiece kit is also available separately. Additional filters and an outer shell can be ordered separately.

Ordering information: This device includes the tissue culture nosepiece kit. The nosepiece kit is complete with housing, gaskets, rubber insert, and four filters. Additional filters may be ordered separately. A holster is included.