LABOPORT® Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps, KNF Neuberger

Supplier: KNF

N840FTP-230V N842.3FTP N810FTP N810FTP-230V N860.3FTP N842.3FTP230 N84012FTP230 N840.1.2FTP N840.3FTP230 N810.3FTP230 N820.3FTP230 N820FTP N820.3FTP N810.3FTP N840.3FTP N840FTP
26678-000EA 2768.95 USD
14224-128 26678-020 14224-122 14224-124 89209-762 14224-136 14224-138 26678-024 14224-134 14224-130 14224-132 26678-000 26678-012 26678-008 26678-016 26678-004
LABOPORT® Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps, KNF Neuberger
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These oil-free vacuum pumps feature fluoropolymer resin heads and Kalrez® resin valves for handling aggressive corrosives without the risk of damaging the pump

Single-stage pumps are ideal for moderate vacuum applications. Two-stage 10L/min. pumps are ideal for small vacuum jobs that require a low flow rate. Two-stage 20L/min. pumps are ideal for the distillation of low (35 to 60°C) and medium (60 to 80°C) BP solvents. Pumps 26678-016 and 14224-134 are useful for the distillation of medium (60 to 80°C) and high (80 to 110°C) BP solvents. Deep vacuum pumps 26678-020 and 14224-136 are designed for reflux reactions and for distilling difficult-to-evaporate solvents such as water and high (>110°C) BP solvents.

Parallel head pumps 26678-024 and 14224-138 are ideal for high-flow vacuum for large scale distillation of low BP solvents (35 to 60°C).

The 400mL dry ice trap (26678-056) has a glass body and a Plexiglas® lid. It is recommended as a pre-trap to collect liquids and reduce processing time when used with pumps in rotary evaporation, distillation, gel drying, vacuum concentration, and vacuum ovens. For maximum efficiency, the dry ice trap should be placed before the pump.

The pumps can be used with gel drying, vacuum concentration, vacuum ovens, distillation, and rotary evaporation equipment. The Kalrez® resin multi-port valves tolerate ingestion of occasional liquids without damage or degradation of vacuum performance. The fluoropolymer resin heads do not peel or corrode when exposed to most solvents.

Certifications: UL and cUL.

Ordering information: For complete vacuum systems combining oil-free two stage vacuum pumps with a programmable vacuum controller, see 26678-042 series.