Roto-Shake Genie™ 6–in–1 Multi-Purpose Rotator Rocker, Scientific Industries

Roto-Shake Genie™
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Roto-Shake Genie™ 6–in–1 Multi-Purpose Rotator Rocker, Scientific Industries
Shakers and Mixers Rotating/Rocking Shakers
Space-saving multi-action platform rotator/rocker produces six different mixing motions: rotating, rotating/rocking, rotating/rolling, rolling/rocking, and rocking/shaking, as well as a combination of all of these.

  • Multi-action platform
  • Six mixing motions
  • Magnetized platform

The optional 3-D orbital shaker attachment transforms the unit into an orbital shaker

Clip plates hold similar or different tube sizes for various mixing motions, which can be achieved by varying the orientation of the clip plates on the magnetized platform. Ideal for use in cold rooms and low-temperature incubators. Complete and even soaking of membrane-based blot assays/washings. Easily cleaned and decontaminated. Rotator/rocker maintains set speed at temperatures from 0 to 38°C (32 to 100°F). Expansion kits are available for increased capacity and different containers.

The easily-removable, double-sided, stainless steel, magnetized platform converts from rotating to rocking with a simple mechanical adjustment. Platform can accommodate up to two 15.2x15.2cm (6x6") plastic bags per side, a 30.5x30.5cm (12x12") nonskid metal rocker tray for conventional rocker/shaker operations, or up to four metal clip plates per side.

Certifications: ETL listed to UL and CSA standards. CE marked.

Ordering information: Manufacturer’s two-year warranty. Unit supplied with 1 clip plate of each size (10–13mm tubes, 15–17mm tubes, and 28–30mm tubes), 1 nonskid metal rocker tray, and 4 magnetic stainless steel mounting strips. Expansion kit with 10–13 mm Tube Plates includes six plates with 12 clips per plate. Expansion kit with 15–17 mm Tube Plates includes six plates with six clips per plate. Expansion kit with 28–30 mm Tube Plates includes six plates with three clips per plate. Bag expansion kit includes two trays and 24 flexible magnetic mounting strips.