Enviro-Genie® Benchtop Refrigerator Incubator, Scientific Industries

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Enviro-Genie® Benchtop Refrigerator Incubator, Scientific Industries
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The Enviro-Genie® Benchtop Refrigerator Incubator features five capabilities in one unit: refrigeration, incubation, rotation, rocking, stirring.

  • Five capabilities
  • Accurate conditions
  • Large, LED displays
  • Magnetized platform
  • Convertible

The optional 3-D orbital shaker attachment transforms the unit into an orbital shaker

Microprocessor controls provide accurate, reproducible conditions. Speed, temperature, and time are displayed on large LED displays. Timer displays elapsed time or remaining time until the programmed shut down time for up to 96 hours. Temperature and time have audible and visible alarms.

Features an easily-removable, two-sided stainless steel magnetized platform which converts from rotating to rocking with a simple mechanical adjustment. Platform accommodates up to two 15.2x15.2cm (6x6") plastic bags per side, a 30.5x30.5cm (12x12") nonskid metal rocker tray for conventional rocker/shaker operations, or up to four metal clip plates per side. Clip plates hold similar or different tube sizes for various mixing motions, which can be achieved by varying the orientation of the clip plates on the platform. Unit is equipped with an RS-232 port for optional control and data logging, and two wide speed range magnetic stirrers featuring stir-reverse.

Ideal for studying microorganisms and tissue cell growth under strictly controlled temperature and agitation conditions. Compact unit performs membrane-based blot assays/washings and hybridizations. Air is continuously circulated throughout the chamber, ensuring the uniformity of test samples. Environmental conditions are achieved via thermo-electric (Peltier) refrigeration and heating; no compressor is necessary. Accommodates standard laboratory test tubes and vials, beakers, hybridization tubes, Erlenmeyer and culture flasks, membrane blots, and more. Easily cleaned and decontaminated.

Certifications: ETL listed to UL and CSA standards. CE marked.

Ordering information: Two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Includes 1 two-sided magnetized platform, 1 clip plate of each size (10–13mm, 15–17mm, 28–30mm diameter tubes), 4 magnetic stainless steel mounting strips, 2 magnetic stirrers, 1 nonskid metal rocker tray, and 1 stackable shelf. Expansion kit with six 10–13 mm diameter tube plates includes twelve clips per plate. Expansion kit with six 15–17 mm diameter tube plates includes six clips per plate. Expansion kit with six 28–30 mm diameter tube plates includes three clips per plate. Bag expansion kit includes 2 trays and 24 flexible magnetic mounting strips. The Expansion kits and Bag Expansion Kit can be found with other Accessories for Roto-Shake Genie™ 6–in–1 Multi-Purpose Rotator/Rocker.