EZ-RATE™ Autozero Westergren ESR Pipet, Globe Scientific

EZ-RATE™ Autozero Westergren ESR Pipet, Globe Scientific
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The EZ-RATE™ pipet provides a safe and simple method for performing Westergren ESR determinations directly in a 13mm sodium citrate blood collection tube

The test is conducted by inserting the pipet into the blood collection tube. Blood will automatically rise into the pipet and stop at the zero mark. After a period of 60 minutes, the numerical results may be recorded directly from the imprinted scale on the pipet. The test eliminates the need to transfer blood samples, as no additional vials, tubes, or transfer pipet are necessary. Results are highly accurate and reproducible.

The polystyrene EZ-RATE™ pipet is graduated from 0 to 180mm and features a fibrous plug located at the zero mark. The plug acts as a self-sealing aerosol barrier to prevent hazardous substances from escaping the pipet.

Ordering information: The 10-Place ESR rack (60820-090) comes with pipet support clamps. Accessories sold separately.