Nunc® Replication Systems, Thermo Scientific

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Nunc® Replication Systems, Thermo Scientific
Microplate and Petri Dish Replicators
Designed for use with 96-well and 384-well plates (see 62409-602 series) and OmniTrays (see 62409-600 series).

  • Pin replicators are ideal for transferring small volumes of inoculum from MicroWell™ plates to other plates or solid supports
  • Replicator pins are durable stainless steel and are precisely aligned to ensure long-term performance even after repeated flame sterilization

Biodyne® B nylon membranes (62409-614) are precut to fit into the OmniTray, for manual or automated arraying directly on a solid support.

MicroWell™ Plate Copier (62409-610) and OmniTray Copier (62409-612) precisely register the replicator pins to agar, hybridization membranes, or the wells of MicroWell plates. Copiers are machined from polypropylene and are resistant to solvents and bleach.