Dry-Cab™ Desiccator Storage Cabinets, Mitchell Plastics™

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Dry-Cab™ Desiccator Storage Cabinets, Mitchell Plastics™
Desiccators Desiccator Cabinets
Ideal space-saving storage units for materials that are sensitive to heat or moisture

Standard Dry-Cab™ contains three removable shelves and provides twice as much internal storage space as a round desiccator of comparable size.

The small, compact Dry-Cab™, Jr. has two slide-out shelves.

The Dry-Cab™ Twin contains two separate chambersone on top of the other. Each has two slide-out shelves, its own door with airtight seal, and its own desiccant.

Critical chemicals or electronic components may be stored in a Dry-Cab™ at room or refrigerator temperatures down to –20°C.

Ordering information: Dry-Cab™ and Dry-Cab™. Jr. come with one can of regenerable desiccant; Dry-Cab Twin includes two.