VacuCap® and VacuCap® PF Bottle-Top Filters, Sterile, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory

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28139-704EA 215.01 USD
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VacuCap® and VacuCap® PF Bottle-Top Filters, Sterile, Pall Laboratory
Filters Bottle Top Filters
For sterilization or clarification of laboratory fluids. Ideal for cell culture and serum-containing media.

  • Ideal for cell culture
  • High flow rate

Supor® (hydrophilic polyethersulfone) membrane provides high flow rates

Polyester membrane support. Effective filtration area of VacuCap 60 PF filters is 30cm2; VacuCap 90 PF filters, 60cm2. Acrylic housing. Sterile. Filters 28143-340 and 28143-338 come with individual attached tubing for each filter device. All other filters come with one piece of tubing per ten filter devices.

Draws directly from mix vessel and filters directly into the desired container, minimizing transfer steps. Accepts a variety of collection vessels. VacuCap 60 is designed for volumes of 500mL to 1L; VacuCap 90 is designed for volumes of 1–5L. VacuCap PF devices have built-in prefilter that increases throughput of viscous or particulate solutions, such as serum-containing media.

Ordering information: The feedline accessory kit includes tubing and a glass sinker.