SCIENCEWARE® Write-On™ Multi-Roll Label Tape Dispensers, Bel-Art

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SCIENCEWARE® Write-On™ Multi-Roll Label Tape Dispensers, Bel-Art
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Write-On™ Label Tape Dispensers provide a smooth writing surface, making labeling easy and fast.

  • Easy and fast labeling with smooth writing surface
  • Spindles can hold tape rolls of various widths and colors simultaneously
  • Snag-free dispensing

When marked tape is advanced and cut off on the serrated edge, a fresh length of label tape is positioned on the writing platform.

Various width and color tape rolls can be mixed together on the spindles, which easily accommodates five or more 12–19 mm (¹/₂–³/₄") narrow rolls, or 4–25 mm (1") wide rolls. The spindles are easily removed from the unit for loading and unloading, and can be adjusted to hold either 25 or 75 mm (1 or 3") core diameter rolls. Dispenser includes three plastic separating discs to assure smooth, snag-free dispensing for up to four rolls of tape. Additional separating discs are available separately.

Molded-in pen holder wells on the dispenser help to keep writing instruments handy. Ideal for use with the full line of SCIENCEWARE® Write-On™ Label Tapes, which are available in six colors and three widths; 12, 19, and 25 mm (¹/₂, ³/₄, and 1").

Two dispenser models are available. The Bench-Top Dispenser has a plastic-coated, weighted steel base with rubber feet to prevent slipping on the benchtop. The serrated cutting edge is steel for long term use. The Economy Dispenser is designed for lighter duty use as the plastic cutting edge is molded into the housing. It includes mounting holes for secure attachment to a benchtop (screws not supplied). The Economy Dispenser can also be attached to vertical surfaces using the optional Wall Mount adapter.

Ordering information: Includes one free roll of ¹/₂" white, Write-On™ Labeling Tape.