MaxyClear™ Microcentrifuge Tubes, Axygen Scientific

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MaxyClear™ Microcentrifuge Tubes, Axygen Scientific
Tubes Microcentrifuge Tubes
These copolymer tubes feature ultra-smooth conical bottoms, which allow for 100% visibility and no sharp “gates” to cause cuts and scratches

MAXYMum Recovery™ tubes feature an ultra-smooth surface completely free of occlusions and cavities, virtually eliminating sample retention while improving accuracy.

Tubes are autoclavable at 121°C (250°F), under 15psi for 10–15 minutes with drying. Remove from autoclave immediately. Excessive exposure to autoclaving heat may cause warping or decreased structural integrity. Certified RNase-, DNase-, and pyrogen-free.

Frosted side surface area for writing. Extremely accurate and visible graduation markings. Thin membrane in cap middle for penetration by syringes. Diamond polished molds allow tubes to be manufactured without contaminating releasing fluids.