Nunc® Bio-Assay Dishes, Sterile, Thermo Scientific

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Nunc® Bio-Assay Dishes, Sterile, Thermo Scientific
Dishes Petri Dishes
These clear, polystyrene dishes feature a large growth area and are suitable for performing agar diffusion assays, screening large numbers of colonies in cloning experiments, and for culturing of bacteria and fungi

The low-profile dish is specifically designed for HTS genomic screening and automated colony picking. Compatible with robotics and instrumentation, the dish features stacking ribs and orientation notches. Low height saves space.

They can also be used as a moisture chamber for incubation of NUNC® MicroWell™ plates. When lined with wet filter paper, the dishes can also serve as an incubation chamber for in situ hybridization. Sterile.

Ordering information: Supplied with a lid.