Microplate Replicators, Boekel Scientific

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Microplate Replicators, Boekel Scientific
Microplate and Petri Dish Replicators
The microplate replicator is a convenient, time-saving device for transferring small volumes of inoculum from microplates to other microplates or solid supports.

  • Pins made of stainless steel for durability, autoclaving, and flame sterilisation
  • Economical alternative to robotic systems
  • 48- and 96-pin models include an alcohol reservoir and cleaning pads for debris removal
  • Template model available for 384-pin replicator

Applications include replication of YACs and cosmid libraries, inoculation of filters for colony hybridisation, antibiotic sensitivity testing, and phage typing. The replicator handle remains cool to touch during repeated flame sterilization.

Note: Template is available for 384-pin replicator only. Both 384-pin replicator and 384-pin replicator template are labeled with "A1" for correct plate orientation. It is recommended that 2 templates are used when replicating between two 384 plates. The 48-pin replicator is not suitable for 48-well microplates.