Sealing Films, Axygen Scientific

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Sealing Films, Axygen Scientific
Seals Microplate Sealing Films and Foils
Sealing films are ideal for 96-well, 384-well, deep well, and other assay and PCR plates.

Aluminum Seal films maintain an excellent seal on microplates for a wide temperature range. Ideal for light-sensitive samples. Its uniformly applied adhesive provides optimal well sealing. When used in conjunction with Axygen compression mat, seals during thermocycling process. Color: reflective. Temperature range: –80 to 97°C (–112 to 207°F).

AxySeal films are polyester-based films with an acrylic adhesive ideal for ELISA and enzyme immunoassay applications. Color: clear. Temperature range: –40 to 65°C (–40 to 149°F).

UltraClear film is an exceptionally clear film specifically designed for meeting the optical requirements of Real-Time PCR. With a unique pressure-sensitive adhesive, this film has no tacky residue that can interfere with optical analysis. Color: clear. Temperature range: –40 to 65°C (–40 to 149°F).

Breathable films allow effective gas exchange for cellular/bacterial cultivation while preventing contamination. Color: clear. Temperature range: room temperature.