96-Well Half Area Microplates, Greiner Bio-One

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96-Well Half Area Microplates, Greiner Bio-One
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Polystyrene half area microplates are compatible with manual and automated pipetting, and dispensing and reading devices used with standard 96-well plates.

  • Polystyrene construction
  • Chimney-well design helps reduce cross-contamination
  • Clear film bottoms
  • Suitable for cell-based assays

This design allows up to a 50% sample and reagent reduction and the flat bottoms allow stackability with or without lids

Microplates with clear bottoms feature micro-thin µClear® bottoms for exceptional optical properties and standardized path-length, eliminating the need for path-length determinations. MICROLON™ formats are ideal for consistent performance in binding assays. White LUMITRAC™ plates are ideal for luminescence assays, while black FLUOTRAC™ plates are suitable for fluorescence assays. Both formats are also suitable for cell-based assays.

The chimney style well design reduces the risk of cross-contamination and aids sealing by cap mat, thermal sealer, or adhesive sealer.