Jordan Dual Vertical Gel System, IBI Scientific

Jordan Dual Vertical Gel System, IBI Scientific
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This dual vertical gel system allows rapid analysis of protein and nucleic acid samples

The system provides complete results in <90 minutes while maintaining comparable resolution. The system holds two polyacrylamide gels simultaneously. Adjustable from 16–42 cm (69/32–1617/32"), increasing resolution by 2.5X. Gasket and notched plates eliminate leaking during separation. Large upper reservoir for easy loading of samples.

Ordering information: System includes upper and lower buffer chambers, two pairs of 20x18cm (77/8x71/16") glass plates, two 1.5mm 18-tooth combs, two pairs of 1.5 mm spacers, eight gel sandwich clips, safety covers, power cords, and manual. Prep combs accessories with volumes 600 µL, 1125 µL, and 2250 µL include a sample and two markers.