Riteflow® Unmounted Flowmeters, SCIENCEWARE®

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Riteflow® Unmounted Flowmeters, SCIENCEWARE®
Flow Meters
Riteflow® flowmeters are ideal for liquid and gas flow measurement, process flows, and for pilot plants.

  • Heavy-walled design
  • Shock-resistant
  • Borosilicate glass construction
  • High chemical resistance

Use to meter carrier gases in chromatography, to indicate and control gases in semiconductor and other manufacturing processes, and for indicating flow rates in pumping systems

Flowtubes are individually formed, fabricated from heavy-walled shock-resistant borosilicate glass. Permanently fused ceramic scales and specially-designed scale geometry provide hairline accuracy in readings. Bores are uniformly tapered with internal rib guides to stabilize floats.

Threaded flowmeters feature plastic cylindrical guards with two end bushings and 6.4 mm (1/4") NPT fittings for secure in-line tubing connections and protection against flowtube breakage during high pressure. Useful metering ratios are 10:1 or better. 150 mm flowmeters may be used with dual float combinations to increase metering ratio to 20:1. Floats for the 65 mm flowmeters must be used separately and result in a 20:1 metering ratio. Flowmeters can be held in place with a clamp (not included).

Versatile unit allows usage with a wide range of liquids or gases.

Ordering information: Flowmeters 54848-084, -118, -048, and -050 are each equipped with one glass and one carboloy float. All other flowmeters include one glass and one stainless steel float.